TOX09 Print!


File this piece under “Y” for yet another post I meant to write months ago but just now have found the time!

TOX. I reckon there’s not a Londoner who doesn’t recognize his iconic tags  (particularly you London folk that frequent the Tube). Love ‘im or hate ‘im, you gotta give it up for his consistency and tenacity.  Me personally, I love the guy’s stuff and really appreciate his brand of simple, easily identifiable graffiti.

For the rest of you who love good ole Mr TOX (or those merely seeking an  inexpensive opportunity to start investing in some street art with a bit of name recognition), you can now have your very own TOX09 print! Available from Souled Out Studios (for only £75!) is a limited edition series of 75 “TOX09” signed and sealed, 76cm x 56cm, one-colour hand pulled screen prints.  These little babies were released some time back (check this Londonist post from March for more details). So, there may not be any left. I recommend getting in touch with the folks at Souled Out Studios ASAP.

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