World’s Best Chinese Restaurants are in Canada?

Working on reviewing some Chinese restaurants here in London (stay tuned for more on that) got me thinking about where the best Chinese cuisine in the world might be found. I assumed China would, of course, be the obvious winner. From street food to five star hotels, I’ve certainly eaten well in Shanghai, Beijing and a few other mainland cities and have heard nothing but mouthwatering raves about Hong Kong’s delectable dining scene. However, a quick dig around the internet yielded a much different result than I had expected.

According to Conde Nast Traveler, the best Chinese food in the world can be found in Canada. Vancouver to be exact. Apparently, Canada’s immigrant friendly policies, a large Chinese population and a cosmopolitan foodie vibe provide this West Coast city with the right ingredients for top notch Chinese nosh. Jennifer 8. Lee, author and blogger of The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, reckons the very best of the lot is Zen Fine Chinese Cuisine in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond where a visit is a “precious and unique dining experience.”

Great Chinese food? Sounds like yet another brilliant reason to consider booking some cheap flights to Canada … and soon too! I’m hungry!

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