Monday Sucks. Let’s Talk about Women’s Undergarments!


Here’s some hubba hubba for your Monday morning: lace suspenders (or garters as they’re called Stateside).

Anachronistic marvels of sartorial engineering, these thin bands of fastened loveliness unite gravity defying elastic garter belts to the objects of their purpose: stretchy, dreamy, dainty stockings. Lace suspenders are at once chaste and seductive – with their ultimate function depending very much upon who’s wearing them and why. Whether upholding virtues or levelling the lustful, they fuse fashion with fetish and suggest as much as they conceal.

I’m rubbish talking about women’s undergarments, huh? Anyway, this is sponsored content, and I just thought it would be a hoot to see what I could come up with. Besides, it gave me an excuse (and permission) to publish that foxy photo at the top of this post. And to be sure, there are far worse ways to spend a Monday morning (which is now slipping closer and closer into Monday afternoon) than pondering the sheer and lacy accoutrements of womanly wearings … and it certainly beats the rest of the goofy stuff I intend to write about today.

Usually, when I’m blogging about legs, they’ve been cooked and seasoned and placed on a plate. Perhaps, I’ve found a new vocation. The world could use an enthusiastic (if occasionally cranky) reviewer of lady’s leg wear, right? You’d regularly read such musings (especially if accompanied by some relevant photos), wouldn’t you?

Maybe the next time I find myself with some free time on a Monday morning, I could share some babble about another wonderful topic, nipple tassels!


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