Wine! But Where to Buy it?


Whether thirsting for something from Rioja, Mendoza or Mosel, something high end and unique or cheap-n-cheerful, to wow a host or treat a guest, there’s a plethora of options, often to a bewildering extent.  Choosing the right wine for the right occasion can be difficult and even more challenging is actually finding the time to browse for that perfect bottle. The fact of the matter is that sometimes you’re just in too much of a rush or that you simply want something inexpensive and ‘good enough’ for a nice, quiet evening at home.

However, finding good wine merchants doesn’t have to be such a struggle. If you live in London, I can highly recommend checking out Berry Bros & Rudd and Bibendum – both for their range of product and customer service. Wine bar and shop Vinoteca on St John Street is a great one to keep in mind as well, especially if you’re keen for personable service and advice.

Of course, it’s not just the major players and the local indie shops that come in handy. I’ve come across brill quaffs at local supermarkets and chains. I’ve found Nicolas wine shops particularly worthwhile in the past and was really rather surprised to discover a wonderfully downable bottle of Jadot Bourgogne Pinot Noir was purchased by a house guest at my nearby Tesco Metro. So, it’s reassuring knowing that, when in a pinch (for money or time) even the local whatever probably has something decent for your tastes.

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  1. Casper Moller says:

    Can also highly recommend Armit Wines, which I’ve been using for years. What’s also worth noting is that Tesco does have some wonderful gems hidden among the dross. The Finest Nero d’Avola is great for mid-week drinking and so are the two reds from Leopard’s :Leap – and all three bottles for under £7.

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