British Road Trip? I’d Love to!


The longer I live in Britain the more I realize there’s a lot of this country that I’ve yet to see. I think I’ve done a pretty good job getting out and about to get an idea of what it’s like beyond the London sprawl but there’s still so many places I feel I ought to visit.

Cotswolds Weekend with Tiki Racer

Usually when travelling around the UK, I try to take the trains. I’ve been fairly satisfied with this choice, but let’s face it – this mode of transportation is not without its hassles: the ever looming possibility of delays and cancellations, having to conform my plans to the not always convenient rail schedules, confusing pricing and booking policies and of course the expense! Sometimes the closest station to my destination still isn’t walking distance to my destination and, thus, requiring even further modes of transport.

Aside from the mess that is London traffic and the M25 motorway, I’ve found driving in Britain to be a pleasure for the most part. The few times I’ve hired a car, I’ve really enjoyed it … especially out on country roads in the Cotswolds, Wales and Scotland. My experience with London car rental has been overall positive and is an option I’m keeping in mind more and more. Indeed, I’ve got a trip to the countryside coming up in the next couple of weekends that might have me behind the wheel of a rental car yet again.

British road trip? I’d be up for that!


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2 Responses to British Road Trip? I’d Love to!

  1. kristiana says:

    Yeah, road trip!!!! Let’s hire one of those stereet cars and take off..

  2. tikichris says:

    Yeah let’s go! Although, I’d be more keen to go with a more tradition car hire. Maybe they’ve worked their kinks out but I had hassles with the service you mentioned.

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