It’s a Sneaker Thing

Ha! Know the feeling? I certainly do. As a bonafided sneaker freak myself, I can definitely relate to this office dude’s sentiments. It seems extraordinarily silly to me how sneakers (trainers to my UK friends) are still looked down upon in so many social and work situations. I reckon my sneakers are just as stylish as any of my “dress shoes” – they’re certainly more in tune to my personality and much more conducive to any active London lifestyle. As I’m sure anyone who has to navigate the not necessarily mean but nonetheless maddening streets of London would attest, this town requires a good pair of rubber soles. If there’s a bit of idiosyncratic panache laced up with ’em, well then so much the better.

Generally, it’s never really been that important whether I make a fashion statement or not with what I wear, but I always have been keen to ensure I’ve got something snazzy on my feet. I’m loving my vintage Nike high tops at the moment, and my Mickey Mouse Vans are still among my all time favourite shoes.

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Yeah, it’s a sneaker thing, and the folks at Footlocker see people like me as part of what they’ve dubbed a Sneaker Movement. With the high street shoe shop has created a “go-to portal” for all things sneaker-related. From retro musings to guerilla video clips from fans and street artists, there’s plenty to keep you updated and entertained with access to the latest in sneaker news, videos and imagery. Adam Smith (the disgruntled office worker having the sneaker epiphany in the vid above) is in on the fun as are a number of artists, amateur videographers and athletes. And, of course, there’s a Facebook page too.

It’s amazing how something as practical as a pair of athletic shoes can also be a way for everyday people to express themselves. I love the access to different colours and different styles available today. From spying what shoes people happen to have when I’m sitting on public transport or out meandering around to checking out what’s what online such as with Footlocker’s latest campaign, footwear eye candy abounds. Footlocker
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