Time Flies/To-Do List Looms


Summer. Seems so long ago.

I moved flat back at the end of August. Months down the road, I’m feeling settled in and cosy – really loving the new home and confident I made the right decision. I know where I like to shop … grab a beer … get a cheap lunch. I have a good understanding of the local transport and how to get around my new part of town. With respect to all my day-to-day living, I reckon I’m done or pretty much there.

But when I stop and think about it, there’s an avalanche of a to-do list looming over my head. Do you have a GP in London? I still need to find one nearby. And then there’s that great painting that’s yet to have been hung. Not to mention … see what I mean?

Considering things this way, summer seems like only yesterday. It’s already 2012? February? Huh? Time flies when you’re having fun, I suppose.

Oh, I’m sure I’ll be okay. I’ve made it this far anyway 😉

When I plan out and sync up my daily routine with a well thought out schedule and stick to it, it’s amazing what I can accomplish. I’m ready to do some amazing things and leave the overwhelmed feeling behind.

It’s time to shake off the February doldrums and line things up for a fantastic spring.


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