Highlights from the RAW Artisan Wine Fair


I had a splendid time exploring a fascinating range of artisan wines at the Raw Fair. My only problem was my confounded and ever shifting schedule preventing me from sampling more wine. It almost feels unfair to write about the wines that impressed me as there were so many that I missed. However, the overall quality of quaff was incredibly high and those wines that tickled my taste buds deserve some mention.

Here’s a list of my faves from the fair, listed in the order I came across them. All are French unless otherwise noted.

Champagne Tarlant
Imported by Charles Taylor Wines

The Zero Brut Nature based on 2006 wowed. Notes: sourdough, rustic bread, mushrooms.

Damien Laureau
Imported by Aubert & Mascoli

Les Genets 2009, Savennieres: refreshing, pear, balanced with depth.

Domaine Alexandre Bain
Imported by Raeburn Fine Wines

All of Alexandre’s wines amazed, maybe his Pouilly Fumé “les Larmes” 2010 slightly more than the others. Notes: Floral and lemony without being overly sweet or too tart. Very drinkable and perfect for a sunny day.

Domaine La Veilloux
Imported by Dynamic Vines

Domaine De Veilloux Rouge 2009, Cheverny, was maybe the tastiest wine I had at the fair. Notes: spicy nose, lively delivery, woody and savoury.

Sebastien Bobinet
Imported by Vine TrailGergovie Wines

Fizzy fun from a young domaine. The Du Rififi a Beaulieu Petaillant Rose 2011: plum, mirin, great for Japanese food.

Domaine Fontedicto
Imported by Aubert & Mascoli

Another contender for “best of the fair”. Promise, Coteaux du Languedoc, 2002 – 2006 – all wonderful! The 2003 perhaps the best of the bunch: shallots, spice, savoury, beefy, port, strawberry.

Cot de L’Origine
Imported by Raeburn Fine Wines

Refreshing stuff. The white L’original 2009, Vin de Table goes good with salmon.

Klinec Medana
Imported by Gergovie Wines

Fruity yet serious wines from Slovenia. The Rebula 2009 intrigued the most – substantial body for a white wine, not too acidic, balanced.

Podere Pradarolo
Not currently importing to the UK/seeking representation

The “fizzy orange” Velius Rosso Ascutto 2005 from this Italian wine maker suggests rose and cherry. Delightful.

Nivet Galinier
Not currently importing to the UK/seeking representation

Another stand out wine. Everything I tried from these guys was delish. The Cotes du Roussillon “les Apres 2007 was particularly notable: leather, spice, acidic … from cement tanks with only 6,000 bottles produced.


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