Win Free Beer + a Carling Jubilee Hamper Worth £300


Would you like some free beer delivered to your home?

I’ve got a Carling Jubilee Hamper valued around £300 that I can have delivered to one lucky reader before the extra long weekend commences. The hamper includes “a (very large) rectangular wicker hamper, six bottles of Carling (including the latest Zest and Chrome ranges), Carling glasses, Carling bunting, and loads of Jubilee decorations including tablecloths, napkins, flags, horns – basically everything you need to have a rocking Jubilee party!”

The folks at Carling got in touch with this promo to spread the word about its roles as the official beer for the Big Lunch events happening across the UK over the Diamond Jubilee weekend. Carling has already given away more than 300,000 bottles of beer to fans who are hosting a Big Lunch event.

Do you want to have the hamper sent to you? Leave a comment below explaining why you deserve the hamper. I’ll pick a winner by tomorrow (Wednesday 30 May 2012) night.

To be eligible to win you’ll need to be in the UK, 18 years of age or older and able to prove it. Good luck!

– tikichris 

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20 Responses to Win Free Beer + a Carling Jubilee Hamper Worth £300

  1. I most definitely deserve this hamper – after learning I had to move home due to my landlord callously selling my pied-a-terre out from under me, I have run the gamut of house-hunting London stresses in the last few months. First there was the realisation that to stay in my beloved Camden, I would need to either win the Euromillions, or sell a kidney. Acceptance of other areas under my belt, I began the depressing cycle of viewing flats that resemble student storage cupboards barely able to accommodate a bed, let alone my shoe and bag collection.Finally, a fabulous top-floor flat complete with top-drawer flatmate was found, and moving date is slated for tomorrow! Sadly, the past week of glorious weather has been spent largely indoors packing – the great struggle bewteen what I feel I need and what I actually can fit into a two-bedroom apartment. I also feel woefully unprepared for the Jubilee 4-day weekend with only one pack of union jack bunting ready for my new roof terrace. A hamper would mean the ultimate oppurtunity to toast the Queen and warm my new digs with a few of my sorely neglected friends.
    Here’s to bank holidays, new beginnings, sunny roof terraces and cold Carling!

  2. tikichris says:

    Hear! Hear! Sounds like you deffo deserve some cold brew!

  3. christina curtis says:

    I deserve to win this hamper because i have been ill for the last week causing me to miss out on the sunshine, i am totally skint and recently witnessed someone being beaten up (it was scary) I havent had time to go shopping for the Jubilee but wanna party hard with family and friends so this would be awesome and would put a smile on our faces.

    and if you dont think i deserve it let me nominate someone.

    My boyfriend deserves to win this hamper because he is amazing, he is always there for me and helps me out when i need it. He puts up with me when im being a pain in the bum. He works really hard and always puts other people first. He could do with a nice cold beer and time to chill out this weekend. and will enjoy the bank holiday as can switch his 5 am alarm off.

    • tikichris says:

      Witnessed someone being beaten up? That must have been scary!

      • christina curtis says:

        It was horrible 2 girls against one. using heels as weapons. I thought this sort of stuff only happened on TV!

  4. SJ Hearne says:

    I deserve to win because I have an empty fridge (that needs filling) and a weekend off work!

  5. Laurel says:

    Crap – I wanted to win but my stuff’s not that bad. I just have a 5 year old who is MAD for the Jub. If you want to break her heart – that’s cool man.

  6. frazzlethitytwo says:

    I would like to win this hamper to have a small street party in my mother’s garden for my neice and my neighbours to thanks everyone for looking after my mother after her recent stroke. Quite honestly, I feel that I need a large glass of Carling most days and winning would be an excellent reason to enjoy one with those people who have supported my mother.

  7. Shannon Fennelly-O'Bryan says:

    I deserve to win this hamper because this has been the hardest year of my life, I’ve had to deal with my mother being ill with leukemia again and I’ve had to cope with this whilst I’ve been living away from home. It’s been a very tough year but now my mum is very well and I’m in a good frame of mind, I would love this hamper so I can celebrate with my friends and family so I can toast my mother and the Queen!

  8. Daniel O'Malley says:

    I love Carling, I love the Queen, but most of all… I love wicker hampers!!!

    (Insert sob story)

  9. James Cantrill says:

    I definitely deserve it as I have only six days off work between now and the 1st August. This hamper would be a lovely way to spend one of those six days off with my friends in the sunshine (hopefully)

  10. dale ferguson says:

    i shall say thankyou in advance as you must be a mind reader,this is what i dreamt about last night , a hamper full of larger

  11. Tasha says:

    I think I deserve this wonderful hamper because I’ve had hell just moved house as I found out my boyfriend had been cheating on me with his ex partner who are scum by the way and housing authority aren’t giving me my deposit back just been so stressed with all that and to top it off I have toddler who keeps weeing all over me 🙁 need some “me” time

  12. Andrew Horsfall says:

    I think I deserve the beer hamper because having lost my job at the beginning of the month, I have spent the majority of time looking for a new job in vain. The rest of my time has gone into working for some of the worst people you could imagine just to make ends meet.
    If I won the hamper I would be able to invite some friends around to my place and we could all enjoy the Jubilee with some beers together, instead of me having to work.

  13. tikichris says:

    Wow! Thanks for the great responses! Anybody else? I’m picking a winner tonight.

  14. tikichris says:

    Okay. I’ve chosen not one but two winners! That was tough and I thank everyone who contributed.

    The winners are …

    frazzlethitytwo and Shannon Fennelly-O’Bryan. I’m a sucker for a sob story about somebody’s mother.

    Congratulations. I’ll be in touch with both of you soon.

    Cheers. I hope you all get to enjoy this extra long weekend 🙂

  15. AMANDA HOBBS says:

    Hi, I would love to win this hamper for my street party as it would be a great conversation starter for all the neighbours we dont know. It would also be a fab way of keeping all the oldies out longer with all that carling!

  16. tikichris says:


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