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Still a bit rough around the edges – but nonetheless up and coming with exceptional vigour – an area of the East London borough of Hackney is in the midst of being transformed into a high end shopping destination. Here’s the scoop (just in time for holiday shopping) on the bargains available, how to get to the area and what may lay ahead for Christmas shopping excursions to come.

Burberry Factory Shop
29-53 Chatham Place, Hackney, London E9 6LP

Top British luxury brand, Burberry, has long had a “secret” factory outlet here, but with coach loads of East Asian tourists and more and more savvy East Londoners flocking to the store these days, the fashionable cat is now definitely out of the proverbial designer label handbag.

Much if not all items in this massive and Spartan warehouse are at least 50% off the suggested retail price and much less expensive than what you’d expect to pay in London’s more traditional luxury shopping destinations such as Harrods or Selfridges. In most cases, the major discounts still don’t equal super cheap, especially for clearance items. Still, considering Burberry’s quality and endurance (with respect to materials and seemingly perennial popularity) shoppers can walk away feeling confident they’ve received great value for money.

Pringle of Scotland
86 Morning Lane, E9 6NA

Right next door to the Burberry Factory Shop, this outlet is only a couple of months old and housed in the premises of the old Duke of Wellington pub. Pringle of Scotland is a luxury knitwear brand popular with international celebrities and royality alike. Got cashmere? Oh yeah. As at the Burberry store, expect 50% or more off most items. Need a special jumper (that’s what we call sweaters here), a new pair of gloves or a sharp suit at a smart price? The Pringle outlet might be just the place for you.

Chatham Place, E9 6LY

Since the 1850s, Aquascutum has been frocking stylish Londoners with “elegant yet city chic” clothing that blends sophistication with functionality. Across the street from Burberry and Pringle, this newly opened outlet offers great bargains for suits, jackets, winter coats and more.

More to come

With the likes of the Financial Times and Vogue heralding the creation of this new “fashion hub” and with millions pounds of Hackney council funds being put aside to make sure such a development happens, what is now just a trio of shops is set to become a designer store district. Beyond the big name outlets, a wealth of independent shops and local owned restaurants, bars and cafes await, keen to retain a bit of the ege that’s made Hackney such a great part of town in the first place. When you come, make an effort at least to grab an independently brewed coffee or a locally baked treat during your visit.

Getting there

Morning Lane and Chatham Place are a minute or so walk from the Hackney Central Overground Station (on the East London Line). Homerton Overground Station is about ten minutes walk away. Bethnal Green is the nearest Tube station and is about a 30 minute walk. A number of buses from Bethnal Green and, indeed, all directions drop passengers off steps from these outlet stores.

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  1. peter says:

    i went there on sunday for the 1st time and loved it in there…lovely lay out..very friendly helpful staff..young lad in the shirt section went upstairs twice for me to see if there was alternatives..he found me an original patterned leather belt in my size which wasnt on display, he also brought me down a couple more options for shirts as they didnt have my size on display..i wanted a new baseball cap…walked in and it was the 1st thing i saw, tag said £50 but as there was a sale on bags/accessories it went down to £30, i got 1 shirt for £50 and the cashier told me i could get another one for £10 extra making it 2 for £60, the belt was reduced from £125-£95, scanned at the til and it was £ partner got a small make up/clutch looking bag..from £100-65-32.50 and finally 17.50…great deals in there..CANT WAIT TO GO BACK..BEST SHOP OUT OF THAT,BURBERRY AND PRINGLE!

  2. peter says:

    sorry i was referring to aquascutum in my previous post

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