Great British Chefs – Cooking with Kids – Infographic

Great British Chefs recently launched a Cooking with Kids collection featuring more than 100 recipes from 21 of the UK’s greatest chefs, including Marcus Wareing, Nathan Outlaw, Lisa Allen and Frances Atkins. Every recipe has tips for how to get children involved in the kitchen, along with nutritional information to help ensure they’re getting a balanced diet.

For the launch, GBC also surveyed over 1,200 parents across Britain and found that 97% are in favour of the government’s recent proposals to make cooking lessons compulsory. Kids appear to like the idea too. 75% of parents said their kids love being the kitchen and often ask to cook.

GBC will publish the full results of their survey on their site Tuesday afternoon. Until then, have a look at this sneaky peek summary of some of the foodie findings (click on it for a bigger, easier to read version).

Cooking with Kids -Short-Infographic

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