Tasty Kids’ Stuff for Grown Ups @ Lazybones, Farringdon


A Ms Pacman table or a Donkey Kong console in the corner would complete the fun times effect, but Lazybones gets bonus points (with some caveats) for its easygoing and tasty menu.

It could have been the early 90s, and I could have been at a sports bar in Atlanta. Or … maybe it was the late 80s and I was dropping quarters in clangers at a video game arcade in a suburban shopping mall somewhere/anywhere in America. That’s the vibe I picked up on first entering Lazybones. Well that, and the fact that the music was ridiculously loud. Wacky “street art” graphics on the walls; DIY popcorn (choice of flavours: hot and spicy, Cheddar, sour cream and chive, or ranch); a large screen TV hanging on the wall; the smell of meat and fried things and beer. This was kids’ stuff for grown Ups.

Somewhat contrived and soullessly expedient (and a little bit Meat Liquor-y), I wouldn’t recommend going if you’re keen to have a heartfelt conversation or a proper three-course dinner. But if you’re looking for depth of experience, there are ancient churches and age old pubs, the Barbican, St Paul’s, etc – and all sorts of quieter spots and fancy restaurants – within easy reach of this Farringdon newbie. Depth of flavour and a fun place to drink, on the other hand, might be found at Lazybones.

I liked the place … and please keep reading to find out about Lazybones’ yum factor. Of course, it helped that they were playing music I appreciated (chicken wings and Parliament make for a tasty combo), but I’d have to be in the right mood to go again. And that ‘right mood’ would most likely come in the form of a craving for Lazybones’ food and drink.


Not what I was expecting flavour wise (ie they weren’t Buffalo wings) but I loved the two day marinated and twice cooked “HOT!” wings made with the kitchen’s own recipe and served with a blue cheese dip. However, the hickory smoke and chipotle chilli BBQ wings fell short in my opinion. A side of French fries was awesome and ample (though “smothered” in Monterey cheese seemed pointless as it dried up super quick and wasn’t worth the extra pound charge). Falafel got a thumbs up from my non-carno dinner date. But it should be noted that veg options are limited; there’s no fish or seafood on the menu at all; and you’d really only want to visit Lazybones to sink your teeth in some meat. Menu highlights include hot dogs, pulled pork and brisket.

The rather North America-centric beer selection pleased my palate. I had one of my favourite brews actually, Moosehead Pale Ale, which went down exceptionally well with my wings. Lazybones serves Dixie Beer among its bottled drinks too. And as an expatriated son of the south, I was happy to have one just for the sake of sipping it in London. The bar also does cocktails. There was a Maple Old Fashioned on offer that almost pulled me away from the brewskis.

Portions here are legion. The menu is short and savoury and too the point. Mains hover around the £7 price point, cocktails around £8. Service is especially friendly and more than fast enough. Go for afterwork hijinks, laid back drinking and meaty nosh. Insist they get some video games.

Lazybones is located at Unit 5 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6DQ (walk through the alleyway by black phone box near the Starbucks and the Byron). Find out more at lazybones.uk.com.

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