Fantastic Free Range Rotisserie Chicken and More at Clockjack Oven, Soho


Clockjack Oven brings a supremely simple and savoury dining option to Soho with its free range rotisserie chicken and yummy back-to-basics menu.

I’d been meaning to stop by this relatively new eatery near Piccadilly Circus ever since it opened back in December. Shuffling by it at different times of the day, the place just looked so inviting – whether for a pared down and no fuss lunch or for a casual and candlelit evening meal. I love rotisserie chicken and have long wondered why it’s such a rarity in this town.

So I finally got around to trying Clockjack Oven a couple of days ago. I had a very satisfying lunch and definitely can see myself craving a repeat visit soon. My four pieces of chicken were gorgeous – crispy skin, juicy meat, complimented by a range of delicious sauces: ranch, Caesar, BBQ and chilli. I really liked the super creamy ranch sauce.

Perhaps surprisingly, the veggie options are great here. They’ve got these awesome sage and onion balls to serve as substitute (or supplement) to the chicken, and they are delicious. Chips are better than average. Salads are ample as is the especially tasty house coleslaw.

There’s a rather to-the-point beer and wine list. I had a perfectly crisp Estrella. The dessert menu is short and sweet too. A few scoops of Purbeck Dorset ice cream provided a nice end note for my meal. Service was straightforward and presented with a smile during my visit. The open space and neutral design of the oak and exposed brick dining area added up to a pleasant place to enjoy a hassle free lunch.


Starting this week (today’s the 4th of April 2013), Clockjack Oven is offering an early bird lunchtime special. If you can “beat the clock” and place your order before 12.15pm, you only pay £8.95 for a meal of chicken, chips and soft drink. That’s good value and great incentive to make quick dash over there for lunch. But based on my experience, I’d say whenever they’re open and you’re hungry would be a suitable time to visit. Highly recommend!

Clockjack Oven is located at 14 Denman Street, W1D 7HJ. Find out more at

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