Best Fish and Chips in London? The Perkin Reveller at The Tower of London

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So the PR-sent invitation to review the Perkin Reveller suggested that this new all day dining hall and bar served the best fish and chips in town. After my visit I’d politely disagree. However, such a conclusion isn’t too far off the mark. For a touristic all rounder wedged between The Tower of London and Tower Bridge, this place dishes out a quality dining experience and an excellent introduction to the best of British fare.

Yeah, I was really impressed with my meal. Everything was tasty and freshly prepared and (according to the menu anyway) seasonal and made with local produce. Service was friendly. The view was iconic.

The fish and chips were indeed delicious. Ample too. I reckon the chips were at least double cooked. Mushy peas weren’t some industrial-made neon slop but properly mashed and lightly minted and full of flavour. The tartar sauce was creamy and just the right kind of tangy.

I’ve had better fish and chips in London but not much better and I would not be averse to having another go at the Perkin Reveller next time the urge hits. The meal was one of a few choices from the set menu offering two courses for £15 and three at £18. Soup of the day (pea soup) was especially yummy and carrot cake with marmalade ice cream was a treat. Beyond the set menu, there are plenty of crowd pleaser items.

I enjoyed a crisp pint of Meantime London Lager (£4.25) with my nosh and got a kick out of it being presented in a lovely ceramic jug. Nice (if very kitsch) touch to my lunch! Had it been a little later in the day, I probably would have gone for something stronger though. The cocktail list intrigued me with its enchanting concoctions like the British Noggin (home made spiced vodka, milk, home made saffron syrup and quail egg, £8) and the London Fog (infused darjeeling tea gin, home-made black tea syrup, soya milk & home-made almond milk. all fermented three weeks in cedar barrel, £8.50).

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Going over the notes from my visit, there are plenty more positives I could share. But I liked discovering these aspects for myself and deciding that I’d happened upon somewhere that was a cut above the competition. It was also refreshing to follow up on a press release asserting something was the “best” and finding that not to be hyperbolic fluff. If you’re visiting The Tower, a pit stop here is a no brainer. There’s plenty of indoor and covered outdoor seating and food is served throughout the day with something on the menu for all tastes. If you work nearby or pass through the area on a regular basis, you’d be wise to give the Perkin Reveller a try as well. I think you’ll find your experience more than pleasant and a lot better than most comparable options in close proximity.

The Perkin Reveller is located at The Wharf at The Tower of London, EC3N 4AB. Find out more at

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  1. Shani says:

    Mmmm I’ve been craving fish & chips, and this post put me over the top! Sadly we have only two or three decent spots in town, of which I’m lucky to visit once a year. The marmalade ice cream and London fog cocktail both call to me! I need to start experimenting with homemade syrups again. I await your next culinary adventure!

    • tikichris says:

      Well, obviously there are plenty of fish and chips places here in London. But that doesn’t mean they’re all good.

      The fish and chips at Perkin Reveller impressed while the cocktail menu intrigued.

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