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Here’s a quick little list of good stuff I’ve recently come across and thought was worth sharing with you. Enjoy!

Tommi’s Burger Joint

I finally made it round to Tommi’s new permanent location on Thayer Street in Marylebone. Good atmosphere and great burgers!

Chairman’s Reserve

I recently had the pleasure of sipping double distilled and award winning St Lucian rum – Chairman’s Reserve – and can definitely taste why it took home The Rum Trophy at this year’s International Spirits Challenge.


Just opened at the Crown Plaza London (the one near Blackfriars), Diciannove is a classy little Italian restaurant, cicchetti bar and deli. I crashed the launch party, loved the Negroni.

Piccolo Parsnips

Looking for something healthy and peppy to cook with? Piccolo Parsnips – sweet and tender baby parsnips – are delicious and easy to cook with. You can pick ’em up at Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Waitrose – and I highly recommend that you do. There’s no shortage recipes to use with Piccolo Parsnips, but I’ve gotta say simply roasting them until they’re crispy is a really nice way to eat these zingy treats.


So, back at the beginning of summer I paid a samphire picking visit to Riverford Farms down in Devon, but it wasn’t until a few weeks back that I actually had the chance to give its delivery service a go. The medium vegbox I received was stuffed with great seasonal veggies and of a much better quality than what I’m apt to find on a regular basis at my local shops. At just over 16 quid, I thought it was fantastic value too.

Sula Nashika Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Laithwaite’s Wine held a press tasting a few weeks ago and kindly extended the welcome to me. In addition to enjoying a fantastic range of Italian reds, I was intrigued by and rather liked a fruity and fresh white wine from Sula Vineyards in India.

Creative Sandwich with Warburton’s and James Ramsden


I sat in on a fun and friendly Creative Sandwich competition a couple of Fridays ago at the swish kitchens of Food at 52 Cookery School. Put on by Warburton’s to showcase their Sandwich Thins and Square Wraps, the event was hosted by James Ramsden.

Coming from meeting across town, I showed up late and had to jump in head first with a couple of off-the-cuff (and off the top of my head) submissions, including one I was quite proud of and would certainly eat again: a mortadella wrap with French’s mustard, lots of fresh coriander, gherkin slices, mozarella di bufala, a few sun dried tomatoes and a sprinkling of paprika.

I thought the Warburton’s breads were pretty tasty and super convenient for making quick sandwiches and snacks. I was a bit bummed to see dextrose listed as an ingredient though, as it’s something I actually try to limit in my diet. In a pinch or a rush, the thins and wraps would admittedly really come in handy.


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