Kamps: New German Backerei Café on Tottenham Court Road Near Warren Street


Kamps is a new German backerei café on Tottenham Court Road near Warren Street station. Stop by for a coffee (artisan wood roasted in Oxford) and a pastry, an especially budget friendly and tasty breakfast or a loaf of bread baked fresh in-store. Not yet open a full week with no marketing , the clean little shop is making fans quick. After my recent visit I can see why.

I met with the owners of the outlet (as explained to me, Kamps is a well established and popular brand throughout much of Germany) earlier this week. They were lovely folks and intent to “get it right” with regards to all aspects of the business. It seemed to me they’re already off to a good start. Hardly the sexiest or flashiest eatery I’ve ever reviewed, Kamps was nonetheless one of the more satisfying I’ve visited in a very long time and definitely offered exceptional value for money.

Stuff I especially liked during my sample session with the owners included an excellent cream cheese and turkey breast sandwich on a grain triangle, a cinnamon delight (franzbrotchen) and an especially nice flatbread with brie, bacon and red currents. Kamps also serves hot dogs, soups, pretzels etc plus juices, sodas, a full range of coffee drinks and more.

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It’s worth noting that all breads are baked fresh throughout the day at Kamps with ovens and baking action in full view of customers and people on the street, providing a fun and enticing bit of kitchen theatre for passers-by.


Prices are as inviting as the view. For example, a “Hearty Deal” of a cream cheese and turkey sandwich with freshly squeezed orange juice costs £5.45 for takeaway or £6.35 to eat in. A “Hot Deal” of flatbread with a soft drink is £4 takeway or £4.20 eat in. I’d be pleased paying those prices given the quality and quantity.

There’s free WiFi, plenty of seating and friendly service with opening hours accommodating hectic schedules (Monday to Saturday 6.30am to 8pm; Sunday 7am to 7.30pm).

Kamps is located at 154-155 Tottenham Court Road, W1T 7NG.

Keep an eye out for another Kamps opening soon (next month?) in the arcade of the High Street Kensington London Underground station. Visit the Kamps UK Facebook page for more info go to facebook.com/KampsUK.

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2 Responses to Kamps: New German Backerei Café on Tottenham Court Road Near Warren Street

  1. Jessica says:

    HURRAY!!!! Finally, a German bakery within easy reach of North London! My German husband is overjoyed, as am I – we’ll be some early regulars 🙂 Thanks for posting.

    • tikichris says:

      Cheers for the comment. Hope you find the bakery to your and your husband’s liking.

      Keep me posted. I’d love to hear what you think of the place.

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