Infographic: The Shift in TV Technology

TV: Past vs Present - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

You’ve come a long way, Tellie! From your humble black and white cathode ray tube beginnings to the ultra-wow TVs of today, you’ve entertained families across the globe for generations and you’re still the centrepiece in most homes – no matter who lives there or what their interests are.

Will there still a place for the television in the future? Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe I’m a bit different than most folks but I actually don’t own a TV and haven’t for a few years. Sure, I watch ‘television’ all the time on my laptop, tablet and even my phone. I’m a big fan of what’s on offer via iPlayer, 4oD and especially Netflix (these days I’m all but glued to the screen taking in episode after episode of the second season of House of Cards.

Usually I’m pretty satisfied with how I consume my media. However, I’m just back from travelling in the States for a couple of weeks. While there, I stayed in a handful of hotel rooms (a few of them were actually pretty nice). I really enjoyed kicking back in some of those beds at the end of the day and clicking on the giant flat screen TVs before dosing off. Sitting here now back in my London flat writing this post, I kinda miss that.

In particular, it’s when I’m watching something especially cinematic like a big shoot ’em up or over-the-top blockbuster that I really start wondering why I never got another TV after the last time I owned own. And now that the Sony 4K TV is on the market, I’m really scratching my luddite head. I mean, check the specs on these babies! We’re talking more than 8 million pixels (3840 x 2160 resolution) for super crisp, full HD detail and picture quality. And then there’s the unique Triluminos display with a wide selection of colours to make what you’re watching POP! Plus, with NFC technology and built in WiFi, your 4K TV can be controlled via your phone or tablet.

Whatever happens with respect to the future of television and my own screen viewing situation, one thing’s for sure. As long as something decent is ‘on’ we’ll all keep ‘tuning in’ – seeing how our viewing habits will continue to evolve will be just part of the fun.

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