Recipe: Duck Mai Tai (Gressingham)

Recipe: Duck Mai Tai - DSC_4688

Here’s a recipe incorporating the elements of one of my favourite cocktails – the Mai Tai – and what’s fast becoming my favourite meat to cook with – duck! This ‘ducktail’ recipe calls for rum, but the alcohol cooks off leaving just its robust and sweet tropical flavour to meddle with the fruit juices and roasted almond yumminess.

Mai Tai duck is an attractive centrepiece as a main course. Consider serving with a side of sweet potatoes (chipped, mashed, or baked) and a seasonal green salad. I reckon duck breast cooked this way could make an awesome burger too. Alternatively, you could slice the breast and serve as a canapé, which might be a particularly nifty idea if offered alongside some tropical cocktails.

Read my complete Duck Mai Tai recipe at the Gressingham website.

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