Washington DC: Where to Eat in the Political Capital of the Western World (City AM)


Over the past few years, ravenous London scenesters have been snarfing down a vast array of steaks, burgers, hot dogs, shakes, pizzas, burritos and all sorts of other full-flavoured Americana from a diverse range of restaurants, pop-ups and food trucks. US food, as our Stateside cousins would say, is hot right now. Meanwhile, denizens of US capital Washington DC have been reinvigorating the very concept of what it means to eat American, as I discovered during my recent city break there.

Yep, I said city break. Flights from Heathrow to Dulles International clock in at less than eight hours, with United Airlines flying direct from the recently reopened Terminal 2. With minimal planning and a bank holiday weekend on the horizon, DC could prove an excellent destination – especially if you reckon yourself a foodie.

For decades, Washington has been perceived as a city to be fled as soon as the working day is through. These days, professionals are choosing to hang round for their social lives, not to mention actually making the choice to live in town rather than the ‘burbs. Of course, what’s going on in Washington isn’t all that different to what’s happening in any number of urban centres across the globe. Indeed much of the talk about a revitalised DC could be said about some of the more rapidly gentrifying parts of London: millennials have moved in with hearty appetites and hipster principles to boost flagging local economies and add a dose of youthful vigour to once lacklustre neighbourhoods.

Here’s my guide to the dining hotspots in DC …

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