Upscale Japanese Served with Knightsbridge Panache at Nozomi

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From my wisely suggested and promptly served Japanese Old Fashioned to my palate cleansing spread of homemade sorbets (ooh the pineapple!) – and all the tasty moments in between – there were so many highlights worth reporting from my luxuriant Saturday night out at Nozomi in Knightsbridge.

Among the most delectable features from the vast sushi and sashimi menu was the black cod tempura maki (miso marinated cod rolled and deep fried with green chilli and spring onion, £12.500. Onto the star of the show, my char-grilled wagyu fillet (150g, £75) was a gorgeous reward for choosing Nozomi as my dining destination. The texture of this flavourfully fatty (but not unctuously so) plate of marvellously marbled beef was a cut above that of the typical steak … something similar to not-quite-starting-to-warm-up butter … or gelatinous fish … or just something ya need to try for yourself. Keeping pace with all the dishes had during my dine (and going exceptionally well with sushi) was a bottle of warm Takacho Junmai Sake which I’d be more than please to enjoy again with a fine meal.

Service for the duration of my visit was flawless, gracious and especially helpful when it came making the most of my menu selections. Almost as wow as the food and as impressive as the service was the setting: an upscale, opulent and sleek Art Deco scene designed (successfully) to let you know (and never forget) you’re somewhere special.

A Beauchamp Street stalwart that’s as swish as it gets and most conducive to a high end (and high profile) evening of pampering and people watching, Nozomi is located at 14-15 Beauchamp Place, SW3 1NQ. Find out more at

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