Sponsored Video: Institute of Sexology … Chris, Should We Talk?

So here’s something funny. Invited to publish the above promotional video on my blog to help raise awareness of the Wellcome Collection’s The Institute of Sexology exhibition, I was sitting in bed viewing it when something came up and I had to step away from my laptop, pausing the clip at about 50 seconds into it. Then Kemey came to bed, inadvertently giving my screen a glance.

When I returned, she had a concerned look on her face and asked if we needed to talk. I looked at the text on my screen, gave a quick but slightly hysterical laugh – which only worried her more – and then explained the nature of the video.

We then both agreed the exhibition would be a fantastic one catch.

Running until 20 September 2015, The Institute of Sexology is free to attend at the Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, NW1 2BE. Watch the above video for details and links.

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