Best Travel Photography Blog in the UK? Your Vote Decides.

The Best Travel Photography Blog in the UK? Your Vote Decides.

It’s always nice to discover folks are paying attention to my blog and liking what they see, especially when they then take their appreciation a step further and rank tikichris as one of the best travel blogs in the UK. Recently, DFDS Seaways listed tikichris as a contender for 2015’s Best Travel Photography Blogger. Fun. Thanks. And wow.

I had no idea that I was in the running for this – or even that such a competition existed – until a rep from DFDS got in touch to let me know.

The comp features five categories: Best Travel Blogger, Travel Photography Blogger, Travel Newcomer, Travel Food and Drink and Travel Culture and History. Six to nine bloggers are represented in each. 

 Winners will be selected by the public through popular vote. 

Voting is open now.

The closing date for votes is the 24 April and winners will be announced 30 April.


2015 Best Travel Photography Blog in the UK

The competition looks fierce, but if I win my category (you dear reader are certainly welcome to vote for me … please), my prize will be a mini cruise to Amsterdam for four people. 

 The only bummer about this for me is to see that among the seven other Travel Photography Bloggers I’m up against is Julie Falconer, whose A Lady in London blog is one of my favourite reads. I’m torn between being a fan and a hopeful contestant. Good luck Julie … and may the best man win ;-P 

 I was pleased to see (in other categories – phew!) that a few more of my favourite blogs were listed as well, including Jeanne Horak-Druiff’s Cooksister blog and Alex Jourdren’s Epicurienne – both in the Travel Food and Drink category. Good luck Jeanne and Alex (I wish I were able to vote for both of you)! 

 You can find out more about the competition here: 

 And cast your vote (for me?) here: 

 Thanks DFDS for the honour and the opportunity.

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Chris Osburn is the founder, administrator and editor of tikichris. In addition to blogging, he works as a freelance journalist, photographer, consultant and curator.
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  1. Cooksister says:

    Had never heard of this and certainly did not know I was up! (should possible check my e-mail spam folder LOL!) Thanks for the heads up and best of luck to you! I see I’m in excellent company 🙂

  2. tikichris says:

    Good luck! And, yes, excellent company. See you on a mini cruise?

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