Meaty New “Bunsmiths” BBQ Menu at Sebright Arms: Oh Hell Yes!


Pub grub never looked so mouthwateringly mountainous! A new (not pop-up) menu at Sebright Arms pub off Hackney Road brings some of the finest “low and slow BBQ cooked meat served fresh and fast in delicious buns” to the table to be washed down with something sudsy from one of London’s more carefully considered lists of craft and quality beers.

Back where I come from folks have a saying: The South shall rise again. I’ve never given the anthem (and reference to the Confederate defeat in the Civil War) much credence. And I’ve certainly never thought such a redneck refrain would spring to mind while enjoying a beery sup at a popular pub situated deep within the Hackney hipster zone. But between my elbow bends, I was noshing away at a most delectably downhome meal and wondering if Dixie had risen indeed at the Sebright Arms with its new Bunsmiths menu serving an assortment of meaty treats and American comfort food classics.

The best BBQ I’ve had in London? Maybe (and I’d jump at the chance to further investigate).

Menu mentionables includes ten-hour hickory smoked beef brisket Bun and 12-hour apple wood smoked pulled pork. You can get either (or both together) as well as all sorts fo other mounds o’ meat generously jammed between a right tasty (demi-brioche?) bun with copious toppings for around eight quid.

As carno-centric as this sounds, there’s a great “Veg Fritter Bun” available with
golden beetroot, coriander and chilli salsa. I was dining with a pescotarian (hey Kemey!) who deemed her sandwich worthy of a “nine out of ten” rating.


There’s more (so much more) like burgers, a buttermilk chicken bun (top choice for what I aim to try next go round) and a good variety sides including really rather amazing (and large) onion rings (£3) and super fiery chilli chips (£4.50). Dessert? Have another beer.

All chicken is free range and pork is freedom foods certified from pigs raised outdoors in natural sunlight.

Need more reasons to head over to Sebright Arms? Laidback atmosphere; phenomenal craft beer selection (Gipsy Hill Beatnik Pale Ale, Five Point Pale Ale, Alhambra 1925, Brookyln Lager – some ace beers were downed during our feast); a well established music venue downstairs … this pub is a fine setting for a drink and is now all the more with the awesome food.

Sebright Arms is located at 31-35 Coate Street, E2 9AG. Find out more at For more info specifically about the Bunsmiths menu, go to

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