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Based on the throngs (moving through a swiftly served queue, mind you) of folks showing up for lunch at the Beany Green flagship café at Broadgate Circle on the sunshiny weekday when I dropped by last week, this newly opened City worker pit stop for Aussie coffee and clean-minded food hardly needs an endorsement from me to ensure steady patronage. Still, I was impressed with just about every aspect of my visit and could see why everybody else seemed so keen for Beany Green bites.

First off, my coffee (beans from the Roasting Party) was delish. I had mine black (an Americano to begin and a double espresso afterwards for the road) but reckon with Aussie owner Prue Freeman aiming to go big after the success of her couple of years old coffee kiosk just a few steps away that proper milk enhanced espresso-based drinks can be had here.

Food was tasty too. I really liked my rather copious “best selling detox box” (£8.50) of three salads plus a Ginger Pig spicy beef ball (as choice of “protein) and tofu mayo (as choice of dip). I was set for the day and pleased to have had such a perfect mix healthy and indulgent.  Tilting my meal toward the more indulgent side of the equation, I very much enjoyed a slice of rocky road (£2.75) before heading on.

The banana bread comes highly recommended (the café was sold out when I went) and I’ve heard great things about the frozen yoghurt too (I was too stuffed to try – but next time!). You can get a decent beer at Beany Green too. I’d be fine with having another glass of Fourpure pale ale.

With a bespoke pop art from artist Louise Dear, vibrant interiors, big windows, and plenty of outdoor seating, the 30-seat cafe makes a proud statement and eschews old guard frump that says coffee must be served in dark, moody nooks. It’s a pleasant place with yummy food and good vibes.

Beany Green is located at 41 Broadgate Circle, EC2M 2QS. Find out more about the café and the rest of Prue Freeman’s “bold healthy fresh food” empire at

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