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Recipe kit delivery service, Marley Spoon, came knocking at my door recently with a couple of ready-to-cook meals for me to try. It was all yummy stuff, healthy too, and really easy to prepare. I was impressed with the service and the quality of the food. If you’re short on time but keen to have a home cooked meal, give ‘em serious consideration.

Marley Spoon “removes the hassle of grocery shopping and the problem of food waste, so that cooking a delicious meal at home no longer has to be a cumbersome chore.” I hope you enjoy reading my review of this service. Be sure to check out the exclusive voucher code at the end of this post for a substantial discount off your first Marley Spoon order.

I’ve seen a number of services similar to Marley Spoon come and go over the past few years. Most never really seem to take off or simply fizzle out in one way or another. Judging from my Marley Spoon experience though, I reckon it’s got what it takes to last.

Recipes are updated weekly with chefs creating seven new dishes for customers to try. The week I tried the service, I enjoyed a halloumi-rific “Flavour Bomb” salad and a classic kedgeree with green asparagus. Instructions were straightforward. Cooking time was pretty short. Results were attractively presentable and delish. Clean up wasn’t any worse than after any typical meal.

I especially liked how the Flavour Bomb, which came with chorizo, could be adapted for my girlfriend and I. She doesn’t eat meat – but loves halloumi. Me, I devour whatever’s plated in front of me and adore chorizo. So she got some extra cheese with her dish while I cooked mine up separately with all the meat. As for the kedgeree, the asparagus was a really nice touch, and I was impressed with how fresh and flavourful the asparagus was.

At the moment for the next few weeks, Marley Spoon is featuring recipes from a “new generation of tastemakers” including Becca Johns of Amuse Your Bouche; Dannii Martin of Hungry Healthy Happy; Jessica Simmons of Nourishing Jessica; Karen Booth of Lavender & Lovage; and acclaimed cookbook author, BBC 4’s Today contributor, and YouTube sensation Donal Skehan.

Marley Spoon delivers “to most of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with the exception of remote regions.” Prices start at £5.50 per meal. Given quantity, quality of ingredients and how tasty the results were, I’d say that’s good value.

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