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Summer Festivals at London’s South Bank (OneTravel)

Summertime in London means it’s time to head to the riverside to see what’s up and festive. A calendar full of events scheduled for London’s South Bank aims to delight locals and visitors alike with something for virtually every interest … Continue reading

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A Taste of Puglia: Craving for More

Did you have fun reading my series of posts about the great time I had visiting the boot heel of Italy? I certainly got a kick out of my trip! But such a short jaunt of Puglia only proved to be a tease, and now I’m craving to discover more about this sunny region. Continue reading

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Jason Manford on Call Centre Frustrations #TodayIwill

Barclaycard has created five videos featuring snippets from the stand-up routine of the comedian Jason Manford sharing hilarious observations about all those pesky money/payment situations we find ourselves in too often these days. Continue reading

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Recipe: Squid and Chickpea Barley

Sometime during my recent visits to Sicily, Barcelona and Puglia the elements of this recipe starting fomenting in my ravenous mind. Once home with enough time to play around with my ideas, I was keen to create what’s turned out to be a really scrumptious dish: squid and chickpea barley. Continue reading

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20 Reasons Why Londoners Love Summer (Time Out London)

Time Out published a piece this week in its magazine and online with ideas from “the city’s best bloggers on amazing food, lazy strolls, hazy evenings, hot nights and cool things to do in London this summer.” I’m chuffed to have been asked to contribute with one of my own favourite summertime suggestions. Continue reading

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A Taste of Puglia: Drinking

The last post in my Taste of Puglia series was about the best bites from the region. But what drinks pair well with all that excellent southern Italian food … wine … coffee? Sure! Puglia can be proud of its contributions to these two most significant liquid elements of Italian culture. Continue reading

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London Daily Photo: 1995

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A Taste of Puglia: Eating

If a dietician were to design a food pyramid based solely on my most preferred eats, it would have giant tentacles extending from its based and wrapped around it to the top. Squid … octopus … cuttlefish: I had so much of it – along with all sorts of other bounty of the sea dishes – always sumptuously presented but with minimal fanfare while visiting Puglia … and at such low prices (from my gouged Londoner perspective anyway). Continue reading

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