Jason Manford on Call Centre Frustrations #TodayIwill

Jason Manford for Barclaycard

Barclaycard has created five videos featuring snippets from the stand-up routine of the comedian Jason Manford sharing hilarious observations about all those pesky money/payment situations we find ourselves in too often these days.

I certainly can relate to the scenario described in the above clip! We’ve all been there, waiting for ages on the phone  then to have to work through a series of secret words and codes and answer any number of personal questions to some monotone automaton on the other side of the line only to begin to ask our own questions about whatever account or service. Sometimes, if feels like the onslaught of questions actually gets in the way of accomplishing things and can even leave me feeling less secure secure about everything (like when I have to pay for the call, when I’m travelling abroad, when in public, need something resolved ASAP and I’m having to say all these secret passwords and codes out loud).

I love Jason’s take on such situations, especially his comment about fraud prevention. Classic.

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