Ian Francis | The Chosen Form of Your Destroyer | Lazarides Rathbone

The Chosen Form of Your Destroyer

With each piece appearing to vibrate off the canvas with moody apprehension, Bristol-based artist Ian Francis’ exhibition of new mixed media works at Lazarides Rathbone (his third at the gallery) suggests that nightmares can be beautiful too.

The show is titled The Chosen Form of Your Destroyer and came across to me as a challenge as much as a suitable description. During the brief chance I had to stick my head in at the exhibition’s opening, I could not choose one piece that “did it for me” more than any of the others. All the works devastate thoroughly and insist you give them a long linger of a look.

The Chosen Form of Your Destroyer is on view now and runs until 1 August at Lazarides Rathbone, 11 Rathbone Place, W1T 1HR. Find out more at lazinc.com.

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