Spitfire Ales: Why You’ll Be Drinking Mo’ Beer for Movember

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November means Movember according to Maddie Salters who celebrated with Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale to kick off the month the raising money and awareness for sufferers of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental illnesses.

It’s that time of year again. Cultivate your Chevron, have a go at a Handlebar, and dabble in Dali. But just don’t take the clip to your upper lip: November means Movember, a month-long solidarity movement for men’s health, raising money and awareness for sufferers of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental illnesses.

To celebrate the movement and to highlight the cause, Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale teamed up with the Old Doctor Butler’s Head Pub to launch a month of hair-raising competitions and treats.

The pub is in the English tradition of things: warm interior, wood paneling, tartan rugs, large windows that let the city lights, twinkling by the late hour I’d arrived. Upstairs in the dining area, a a well-groomed feast awaited. Impressively thematic, the menu of British foods and Spitfire beer pairings included ‘shaved’ courgette and ‘goatee’ cheese parcels, ‘razor’ clams on angel hair pasta, Hare and Spitfire ale pie with ‘tash potatoes and a delicate pastry mustache.

Highlights for me included the clams, which were basted in lime and served up alongside an herbal beer; a preciously light and simplistic course in a lineup of thicker dishes; and the sticky ‘stubble’ pudding that was for dessert. The dollop of vanilla ice cream on top of the spongy toffee cake was outrageously flavourful, and I especially enjoyed its honied taste alongside the new Spitfire Gold, which made for a zingy and refreshing pint.

While eating my fill, I was entertained by the talents of the Genco Male Grooming team, who were offering last-minute, pre-Movember shaves to get faces prepared. (Women were welcome to have a seat in the barber’s chair and get some shaving cream dabbed on… a tempting prospect, when the lineup included hot towel options.)

The quirky night was just the thing to ring in Movember properly.

In case you haven’t gone down to your local pub to enquire after hair themed foods yet, there’s no rush. Spitfire has plenty planned for ale fans over the coming weeks.

Entering its fifth year as a proud sponsor of Movember and having raised more than £200,000 towards the cause to date, Spitfire will once again be adorning labels with Movember mustaches. Along with a portion of sale proceeds being donated to the cause, lovers of ‘Mobeer’ will be able to collect points with each bottle, redeemable online for prizes. (After all, you know what they say: Mo’ beer means Mo’ swag.)

The mustachioed ales aren’t the only thing hitting shelves this season. Spitfire launched their newest beer, Spitfire Gold, ahead of the festivities. The aim of the beer, which is sweeter and lighter, is to appeal to a broader set of consumers, to get more people than ever before in on the event. And don’t worry– if you’re not a fan of ‘sweet and light’, they’re also launching a ‘design your own Mo Beer’ contest, putting brew lovers at the helm of creating their own dream draught. Decide on your style, hops, and special ingredient, then slap a name onto it– the enviable winner will receive a year’s supply of their creation, as well as the honour of being next year’s Movember beer.

I think I might just give it a try.

You can get involved with Movember by signing up at: uk.movember.com.

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