London Daily Photo: Last One

LDP 2015.12.31 - Last Day

Today’s London Daily Photo is the last one I will publish. Thanks to all of you for the kind words about my shots, for the exciting opportunities that arose from running the series, and of course for choosing to include my photography as part of your daily routine for nearly a decade.

I’ve been publishing a London Daily Photo since the summer of 2006, the year I moved back to London. It’s been a fun way to chronicle my adventures in and observations of this amazing city. The series helped hone my skills as a photographer (and a blogger), while serving as an outlet for my creative expression. However, putting the series to rest has been something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while.

About to enter its tenth year, London Daily Photo has been an exercise in anachronism for probably more than half the time I’ve been doing it. When I started it – initially as a London Weekly Photo – in July 2006, the idea of digital immediacy was novel and extremely attractive to me. Taking a photo and sharing it – via my own website and on my own terms – with potentially anyone in the world who had an internet connection was exciting. Today, so what? Millions of people actually are publishing photos instantly online and via mobile devices a million times over on an hourly basis. And it’s been like that for more than a few years.

Plus, I’m spending nearly as much time playing with my camera beyond the bounds of London as I am focusing on subject matter within the M25. These days, a more accurate daily photography series for me would be one centred round travel as a theme as much as one about living in London.

Besides, I wonder to what extent Google punishes me for regularly publishing posts with no text.

So why did I wait so long to stop? I wanted to see if I could keep coming up with good images. Everyday, I have loved the process and the challenge of getting a new pic up on the blog. Moreover, London is such a richly photogenic place. Ideas for shots; the list of people, items and events in London worth documenting with a photo; and an urge to capture memorable or understated moments – these all continue to drive me as a photographer. Indeed, no more London Daily Photos shall not mean less photography. In fact, the series has been getting in the way and taking time from other opportunities to shoot and share my photos with the world. Regular and occasion viewers of my blog and social media should expect to see just as much if not more photography from me.

New Year’s Eve at the onset of the tenth year of seems like as good a milestone as any for the end of this series. If any of you have enjoyed viewing any of my shots over the years half as much as I’ve cherished the chance to share them, then London Daily Photo was a huge success. Cheers.

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