Yorica Free From Café Opens on Wardour Street, Soho


Yorica (or Yorica! as the folks behind this new brand prefer to write it) opens today promising Londoners the chance to indulge in a sweet treat “with none of the nasties.” The shop sells a range of frozen yoghurts, ice creams and shakes that are dairy, lactose, gluten, nut and egg free – and all completely vegan.

A first of its kind in the UK to cater to people who suffer adverse reactions to the main food allergies, Yorica’s offers are actually yummy. I dropped by the launch party last night and very much enjoyed tasting a number of items. Everything I tried was tasty, and I especially liked the matcha ice cream and the pumpkin and cinnamon shake.

A lot of times, “free from” seems to actually mean the product has all sorts of weird science-y junk in it instead. But Yorica uses natural (easy to pronounce) ingredients, like coconut cream, rice milk and fruit sugars, that are all certified and traced “from crop to cone.”


Prices start at £2.95 for a small frozen yoghurt. I think the most expensive item is a large ice cream priced at £5.20.

The idea appears to be scalable by design. So should Yorica prove a success expect to see more outlets soon.

Yorica Free From Café is located at 130 Wardour Street W1F 8ZN. Find out more at yorica.com.

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