Ten Years of tikichris

London Daily Photo: BOOM

Finally my blog has caught up with my maturity level! And that’s something to celebrate.

Yep, Ye Olde Tiki Chris Weblog hath turneth the big one-O. That’s like reaching eldercare age for an online endeavor like this, right? But it’s still kicking, and so am I. And if I may have pissed my pants* over the past decade, it’s been from sheer exuberance, not lack of bladder control.

Anyway, I just wanted to shout about my 10 year milestone and to give all y’all lovely people a heads up. Keep on the lookout for some festivities and such to mark the occasion.

Of course, lots of thanks are warranted too. But firstly, let me just say thank you to everybody who’s ever clicked on my site and given it a gander. I hope you enjoyed what you saw and that you’ll keep coming back for more.

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Here I am back in the day plotting my takeover of London
Jemimah Knight 2008, all rights reserved)

*Just so you know, I haven’t actually pissed my pants at any point over the past 10 years. Although there was this time back in October when after driving several hours a knee-locked wobble-run into a truck stop restroom somewhere in South Carolina was a close call!

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Chris Osburn is the founder, administrator and editor of tikichris. In addition to blogging, he works as a freelance journalist, photographer, consultant and curator.
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