Wiener Demeanour: Cafes, Restaurants, and Bars


I had a delicious time in Vienna – a city that perhaps more than any other best exemplifies European café culture and presents visitors with a delectable array of food and drink options ranging from down-to-earth comforts to upscale innovations.

Here’s a look at the tastiest bites and most satisfying sips from my visit.



Café Korb
Brandstatte 9, 1010

Go for the coffee, stay for the apple strudel. In business since 1904 – with a more modern 1960s interior – this classic Viennese café near St Peter’s Cathedral is a comfortable place to take a break whether for a quick espresso pit stop or over a long and leisurely lunch.– Korb does an especially yummy version of the famous Austrian pastry which apparently was good enough for notable Wieners such as Emperor Franz Joseph and Sigmund Freud.

Café Landtmann
Universitätsring 4, 1010

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Vienna’s imperial past while enjoying an outstanding coffee at this elegant and historic café dating back to 1873. Located near the Parliament, Volksgartern and a number of must-see attractions, Café Landtmann is an easy and popular place to enjoy a drink or meal presented with cordial service.

Daniel Bakery at Hotel Daniel Vienna
Landstraßer Gürtel 5, 1030

If you like a bit of quirky charm with your cuppa, consider dropping by Hotel Daniel, near the Belvedere Garden. The lobby is a maze of postmodern accouterments. Despite charming clutter, the no-nonsense centerpiece behind the bar is much used and highly revered Faema E61 Legend for pulling perfect espressos. They do a mean lunch here too with a menu that’s a smart balance of contemporary international favourites and local specialties. I loved my boar meat cheeseburger with hand cut fries and red cole slaw.

Praterstraße 70, 1020

Anybody remember life before the internet and all the digital doings that keep us so preoccupied these days? Such halcyon days of the analogue era can be relived to the full at Supersense, a non-digital/totally analogue café/restaurant/shop/studio in Vienna’s trendy 2nd District. Boasting some of the city’s best espressos, cushiest sofas, and quirkiest shopping around, it’s an excellent place to hang out and marvel at a recent past that now seems so very far away.



Biberstraße 22, 1010

My first meal on the ground during my visit was vegan? Yep! And a healthy and filling one at that. BioWerkstatt is a friendly little café/deli/grocery near the iconic Austrian Postal Savings Bank with an affordable – and popular – lunchtime menu. Ample portion of soup and salad set me back less than €5.

Restaurant Konstantin Filippou and O Boufés
Dominikanerbastei 17, 1010

With a focus on regional ingredients and seasonal dishes, local Michelin starred chef Konstantin draws on the tastiest moments of his upbringing (Austrian mum, Greek dad) to create a flavoursome and robust cuisine at his two adjacent eateries. The city’s most deliciously exclusive seats are at the Kitchentable of his eponymous restaurant; there’s room for two allowing for cosy prime time viewing of all the kitchen action. Whether your hope is a tasty date at the Kitchentable or seating elsewhere, reservations are a smart idea. For more casual dining and a mind-blowingly broad selection of natural wines, head a few steps over to Filippou’s bistro, O Boufés. I had the pleasure of enjoying the Austro-Greek (or is that Greco-Austrian) chef’s fixings at a closed press lunch at O Boufés with dishes from both establishments. Fava with bacon and chives was irresistible with freshly baked bread. Slow cooked pork cheeks was the highlight of my trip – as was the chance to try some Austrian natural wines.


Das Loft
Sofitel, Praterstraße 1, 1020

When it comes time to toast the town, an amazing vantage point for drinks with a stunning vista is 18 stories up at Das Loft cocktail bar atop the Sofitel hotel. Reservations aren’t required but similarly aren’t a bad idea (request a window seating). Dress smart and admire the mix of tourists and locals playing tourist while taking in the extraordinary views.

Heuer am Karlsplatz
Karlsplatz, Treitlstraße 2, 1040

For a considerably more grounded experience featuring a drinks menu that’s no less lofty, try the centrally located Heuer am Karlsplatz. Knowledgeable bar staff produce very down-able drinks such as a rich Bermuda Chocolate Punch and the classic Kentucky spritzer, the Horse’s Neck.



Don’t leave town without sinking your teeth into a sausage from one of the city’s famous hot dog stands. I can’t recommend enough a smoky, cheese filled käsekrainer for a cheap street food indulgence while hoofing it around town.

Keep an eye out for more updates in my Wiener Demeanour series of posts about Vienna.

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