Gourmet Gorditas at Sunday Upmarket


Gorditas are hand-made Mexican flatbreads made of wheat and stuffed with a yummy filling. Now you can get ‘em in London thanks to Pedro and Santiago, a couple of enterprising Mexicans who recently started traded under the name Gourmet Gorditas with a stall selling their gourmet versions of this Northern Mexican street food at Brick Lane’s Sunday Upmarket.

At five quid a pop, Pedro and Santiago’s gorditas are a cheap and cheerful option for eating on the go. They’re a delicious and filling option too. The current Gourmet Gorditas menu looks like this:

Pork Gordita
Slow-cooked pulled pork in an orange and chilli marinade with spicy pineapple chutney

Chicken Gordita
Roasted chicken with almonds, pistachios, and caramelised chillies in a creamy pecan sauce

Black bean Gordita (vegetarian)
Black beans, crispy plantains and caramelised onions covered in melted Cheddar with an artichoke drizzle

During my visit last Sunday, I had a taste of all three and trotted off greedily with a full pork gordita for my lunch. All three were super flavoursome though. And, in retrospect, that nutty chicken gordita with a slight fiery edge was really something special. Guess I’ll just have to head back again.


Look for Gourmet Gorditas at Sunday Upmarket at The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL. Find out more at facebook.com/GourmetGorditas and sundayupmarket.co.uk.

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  1. Cint says:

    Thanks for this delicious tip! This is the 3rd recommendation of this place, I really have to try those famous Gorditas!

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