Fresh Ideas for a New Coffee Break

Fresh Ideas for a New Coffee Break

A coffee break is a relaxation time given to employees after a work session in any organisation with a cup of coffee served to every individual working in that organisation, cell, or department. There are different break perspectives and their implementation ways worldwide. Some countries think that break mitigates the acceleration of the work in a day job, whereas the other school of thought considers the break as a very important and motivational element for having a quality work of their workers.

In the United Kingdom, employees are restricted from working continuously for almost four hours, which state that every employee must have a work break ranging from 10-30 minutes after every four hours of consecutive work. It is mandatory to provide to every individual in the organisation. Contrarily, the studies are showing the negative trends in the United States regarding breaks, especially lunch break, as the employers are tending to shrink the lunch break time period.

A coffee break means a short break ranging from 10-15 minutes used to make the employees refresh, restore, and re-strengthen their energies that have been scattered and diminished during work activities. As coffee contains energy providing and cognitive boosting ingredients, so, the employees served with a cup of Joe would make them more energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate toward their work and responsibilities. Moreover, as they feel free from their work and coffee boosts their cognitive abilities, they tend to have more innovative techniques and solutions in their minds by which they can improve their own and their company’s performance. This provides a unique element of the coffee break within the organisations. Furthermore, coffee break is considered as a usual social gathering in the business and industry employees corresponding to commonwealth terms, such as elevenses, tea break and smoke”. In most organisations, coffee break is scheduled at the end of the first third of the work shift but in civil service, a prescribed set hour is defined as a coffee break. In order to come up with a new coffee break, the employers must have different rationales for a coffee break.

A coffee break is not just a relaxing and soothing measure; rather, it is something that can heighten and replenish the employees’ abilities that would increase their productivity and performance. As coffee is considered as a cognition-boosting agent, so, it is highly recommended for the workers who are working in some innovating or entrepreneurial firms or are doing some creative jobs.

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine highlighted that caffeine – an integral and chief part of coffee aid the employees to increase their focus, concentration and significance on the issue at their workplace plummet the risk of mistakes they usually make while fulfilling their responsibilities and in meeting deadlines.
Additionally, the research also indicates that drinking coffee tends to lessen the rate of accidents at work, traffic crashes on roads, and even the professional mistakes of doctors who are incessantly on call for long.

The researchers at the Seoul National University have advocated that exposition to coffee aromas leads to change the brain protein bound with stress linked to sleep deprivation. This reveals the fact that coffee breaks tend to reduce the nervous tension of the employees at their workplace. It would be easier to handle the stressful situation in a better way with a coffee break especially by those employees who are in administration and with tough working schedules and deadlines.

According to the founder of Positivity Institute and one of the leading psychologists, Dr. Suzy Green, “in fact, micro-breaks to have good coffee or leaving to a cafe for a cup of coffee are absolutely essential for peak performance”. So, coffee works as a tonic for the brain to perform the tasks faster and better.

Jony Ive, the founder of big luxuriant mobile and hi-tech firm, Apple, was also of the same phenomenon that it is the coffee that works like a fuel during the brainstorming session of the design department and team meetings. All the members of design departments, including Jony Ive, were the coffee snobs. This ritual is basically the driving agent of the innovative inventions of blockbuster products of Apple like the iMac, the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone, etc.

Furthermore, the coffee break is a social networking platform where people of different ideas, organisations, environments, and cultures have been gathered and the handy and ample discussions among them lead to generate the new ideas by employees while doing jobs.

This means the chunks in the working session, “the coffee break” don’t provide only a relaxing time to the employees; rather, it is a supporting device for the employers as well. A very delicate and calming coffee break can be enjoyed with a hot and vibrant cup of coffee prepared by an efficient espresso maker.

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