Best Sandwich in Spitalfields? Barraka on Artillery Lane

Chicken Schnitzel Baguette at Barraka, Spitalfields - DSC_4533

Man oh man! The chicken schnitzel baguette at Barraka was one the most welcome lunches I’ve devoured in a very long while.

From Uri Dinay, the same fella who brought Pilpel (probably the best I’ve had in London) and Badolina to the ever hankering streets of Spitalfields, this latest offering of Mediterranean morsels serves a succinct if succulent menu of baguettes, wraps and salad bowls.

It had been a fairly hectic morning when I dropped in for my takeaway lunch. Service was swift! I was out the door in no time, and when I got round to tucking in, I savoured every bite of my chicken schnitzel baguette (£5.95 – great value!) The fresh crisp baguette was loaded with supreme chicken breast strips coated with sesame seeds, panko breads crumbs and seasoning and was stacked with all sorts of toppings with ample spreads of hummus, tahini and chilli sauce.

Super friendly staff offered me a taste of the chorizo and the rib eye while I waited for my sandwich to be made. Both were gorgeous and worthy contenders for my selection next time I swing by.

Barraka is located at 7 Artillery Lane, E1 7LP. Find out more at

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  1. Uri Meirovich says:

    Definitely the best in Spitafields area, might be best schnitzel baguette in London.

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