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Londoners, d’yever have the pleasure of tucking into an authentic Philly cheesesteak? If you were told you were having one here in London (or anywhere not actually in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) you may have been duped – DUPED! – into eating an inferior sandwich with a bogus Philly moniker slapped on it. But I am pleased to report that no caveat emptor is required when caving in to your carnal cravings and grabbing a cheesesteak from the folks at Liberty Cheesesteak Company. It’s the real deal.

Don’t get Liberty founder and South Philly native cum Londoner, JP Teti, started on faux cheesesteaks. It sets him off. Or maybe do get him started on the subject, as it’s a great way to see a man on a mission come alive with passion and pride. As has been the case with good food in London, somebody from one place moved to another, missed the food from home and embarked upon a labour of love to recreate it as authentically as possible. In the case of cheesesteaks in London, that somebody is JP.

Finding no satisfaction in London’s “cheesesteak” offerings – or often any resemblance to the mega meaty two-hander sandwiches of Italian-American origin famously from his hometown – JP decided to bring it here himself. Long story short: he ended up having to come up with a recipe for the right kind of bread and even created his own “wiz” cheese sauce. As for the steak, JP was happy enough with already available rib eye, sliced ultra thin for tastiest and most genuinely Philadelphian results.

Full of moist, juicy meat, loaded with lightly sautéed onions and oozing with wiz: my recent experience going at one of JP’s epic sandwiches was a savoury treat indeed. And at eight quid for a full size or five for a half it’s an affordable one as well.


Not just cheesesteaks though, Liberty does a marvelous Italian roast pork sandwich (I might have had a moment with one of these babies too) as well (£8) that’s just as rocking and OTT with flavour and filling. There are cheese fries and more on the menu too, plus real root beer and some very exciting plans in the works for the future! But for the time being …

Look for Liberty Cheesesteak Company at 6 Lamb Street, E1 6EA most days, and at CityPoint, 1 Ropemaker Street, EC2Y 9HU every Wednesday and Friday during lunch.

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