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BBQ Hacks

Here we are at the height of summer. So far so good, right? As much as we might love to complain about the weather here in Britain, we must admit there have be some pretty decent stretches of absolutely wonderful sunshiny summer days. BBQ season is in full swing. Have you fired up your grill yet?

Are you planning to host a back garden BBQ and feeling a bit of trepidation about it going awry? Or have you already done some outdoor grilling this year and found your results to fall on a spectrum of disappointment somewhere between meh and massive disaster?
There are numerous resources out there sharing tips on how best to grill. Websites like, for example, provide a wealth of practical advice on enjoying your BBQ and not seeing your hard work and good food go up in smoke.

For some especially handy hacks on getting your grilling right, take a look at the above quick and quirky (and informative) video about preparing your charcoal – and knowing how long to wait before you start to cook.

The clip is one in a four-part series of YouTube videos produced by MyVoucherCodes. The videos present different “BBQ Hacks” to help make your summer grill time easier, more fun, and a lot less messy. The other three clips offer advice on cooking your food, flavour tips and condiments, and cleaning up afterward.

You can watch them all at the MyVoucherCodes YouTube channel:

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