Taking a Break with Magician Tony “Sonic” Middleton | 10X10 with tikichris

Taking a Break with Magician Tony “Sonic” Middleton | 10X10 with tikichris

For my next 10X10 episode to celebrate ten years of blogging, I’m going to disappear, and I’ve got my magician friend Tony “Sonic” Middleton in on the act to help out.

Since starting this blog in 2006, I’ve gone on some awesome adventures, have had an absolute blast sharing the good times with readers across London and throughout the world, and have published nearly 6,000 posts. But one thing I haven’t managed to do over these 10 years is take a break. So that’s what I’m doing now. I’ll wrap things up with this post at the end of August and start back again at a later date.

As to when I’ll crank tikichris.com back up, well, the answer was in the cards. Having trouble determining exactly when to reignite to my blogging routine, I had Tony help me out with the return date.

And that’s how the following little video of a killer card trick came into existence.

The quality of recording is meh and the sound is horrible. But it was all done in one shot (nicely done too) on the spot at King’s Cross Station. I had no idea what Tony had in mind, only that I had asked him to help me choose a date and that he was going to do that with a card trick. He actually amazed me, and I’m certain that’s evident in the video.

Special thanks to Laurel Parker of Mobley Street Productions for filming!

Okay. October fifth. It’s a date.

To be honest, I’m a little nervous about putting my blog on hiatus for such a long time and fearful my traffic and rankings – especially with Zomato (I’m in second place) and Trips100 (I’m in the top five) – a will plummet. But I’m really looking forward to having the time to reflect on these many  years of blogging and to consider how I might go about doing it better.

I still intend to keep an active presence across social media during my break and may publish some reference posts on my blog to highlight a bit of client work I have in the pipeline. Aside from that – nada. But believe you me when I get back from my five weeks of non-blogging, I’ll have plenty to say. I’ve already got loads of stuff lined up that I want to write about. Indeed the main reason I won’t be blogging over the next month or so is that I’m heading off to have such an epic amount of wow I doubt I’ll find the time to stop and write about it.

That is, until the fifth of October. In the meanwhile check out more magic at sonicmagic.co.uk.

See you soon! Thanks.

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