easyJet #WhyNot Pop-Up


As part of its #WhyNot campaign, easyJet is hosting a free immersive theatre experience in Shoreditch that celebrates the joys of European travel with a quick pop-up passage to Holland and the chance to win free flights.

I’m sorry to just be posting about this now as there’s only one day left (Saturday the 15th). But if you can pop round there tomorrow, you’re certain to have fun. I really enjoyed my time at the launch Thursday night. If you’re visit is anything like mine, you’ll get a kick out of the quirky and at times surreal romp through a Dutch wonderland – and you might even leave with free tickets to fly to the actual Netherlands.

N&C Showrooms are located at 3-10 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6PG. Find out more about the easyJet #WhyNot pop-up and campaign at easyjet.com/en/book/why-not.

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