Recipe: Grilled Sausage Dogs with Alabama White Sauce and Jalapeños

Recipe: Grilled Sausage Dogs with Alabama White Sauce and Jalapeños - DSC_5799

Here’s the second recipe for the Tom Hixson Masterchef Challenge: grilled sausage dogs with Alabama white sauce and jalapeños.

There are almost as many versions of Alabama white sauce as there are folks who make it. You can add all sorts of ingredients to give your version its own twang. But I think most people would agree the basics are mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, salt and black pepper. My recipe is essentially just that – along with a touch of celery seed.

Traditionally used to dress chicken and with BBQ, the sauce goes well with plenty of dishes. I reckon it’s an especially ace condiment for a quality pork sausage. My palate was certainly pleased when I paired it with Tom Hixson’s slightly peppery gluten-free pork sausages, especially when I gave it the jalapeño kick.


Ingredients for the sausage dog

• 1 plain pork sausage (I used pork sausages from Tom Hixson);
• Finely diced jalapeños to taste (about ½ a pepper per dog);
• Fresh chopped chives to taste (about a teaspoon per dog);
• Mixed salad leaves to taste;
• 1 toasted hotdog bun per dog;

Ingredients for the white sauce (for 1 dog)

• 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise;
• 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar;
• Salt to taste (I’d say a teaspoon);
• Black pepper to taste;
• Pinch of celery seeds.


• I’m going to assume you can cook the sausage to your liking on your own; I think grilling is best for this recipe and recommend making your hot dog with a freshly prepared, still hot sausage;
• I’m also assuming you can toast your buns to your liking as well;
• Make your sauce by mixing the mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, black pepper, and celery seeds in a bowl;
• Prepare your dog by laying some salad leaves in the bun and then placing the sausage on top;
• Spoon or pipe the sauce across the top;
• Sprinkle the jalapeños and chives over the dog (and maybe a bit more black pepper too).


Enjoy as you would hot dogs at your next casual gathering. It’s probably a good idea to have some extra white sauce on the side. The recipe is easy enough to scale up. As long as it’s refrigerated, it keeps as well as mayonnaise.

Stay tuned for more meat! Until my next recipe, have a look at

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