Top 5 Winter Break Destinations

Image by sharonang, used under Creative Commons license CC0 1.0Image by sharonang, used under Creative Commons license CC0 1.0

Skiing, snowboarding and enjoying the idyllic winter scenery in the mountains or a spring-like temperature in warmer areas? No matter what the choice is the winter holiday will always be an unforgettable experience.

While many people choose to spend the winter break in sunny islands or warmer parts of Europe, others prefer the true winter experience more appealing, choosing places such as Germany, The Netherlands or Iceland.


There’s nothing like winter in the most northern capital in Europe. True lovers of the frosty weather will find Reykjavik their favourite winter destination. The Tjörnin pond is one of the city’s most famous locations, where tourists can try their best to test their skating skills. However, nothing compares to the unique experience of splashing in an outdoor geothermal swimming pool while it’s snowing everywhere. And don’t miss the opportunity to try their local dark, sweet bread ‒ rúgbrauð.


Japan has always been one of the most attractive countries for tourists, and now Nagano is soaring in popularity. Being the host of the Winter Olympics in 1998, it has many ski resorts where tourists can practice their skiing skills. Japan is famous for its unique cuisine, so trying out Nagano’s speciality ‒ soba noodles is a must. The Zenkō-ji temple and Togakushi Minzoku-kan folklore museum are unique places where more can be learnt about the many peculiarities of Japanese culture.

Image by RevPsych, used under Creative Commons license CC0 1.0Image by RevPsych, used under Creative Commons license CC0 1.0


Summer in Dubrovnik is nothing short of incredible, but winter can be just as charming. Everyone who wishes to hop on the first flight out there and spend their winter holidays walking down the scenic continental promenades and sipping coffee from the beautiful terraces near the Adriatic Sea will find Dubrovnik the top choice for their vacation. What’s more, since Dubrovnik isn’t as packed with tourists in the winter, it’s a good location for those don’t like crowded streets. Visiting the City Walls, 1,940 meters long, will be a perfect way to get to know the history of the city.


Thanks to the lovely festive atmosphere that surrounds Amsterdam in winter, this city is often among the most attractive winter destinations. Rijksmuseum that holds renowned Rembrandts among so many other iconic pieces, definitely one of the landmarks worth seeing in Amsterdam. Amazing installations, projections and sculptures all brighten up the city during the holiday’s season making a beautiful Christmas twinkle.


Berlin is the best winter holiday destination for all who enjoy a good Christmas market shopping. With the myriad of Christmas markets in the city, offering everything one can imagine, clothes, small gifts, delicious food, beers, wines, hot chocolate and much more. Parents travelling with their children will find Berlin a great destination for their holidays since miniature trains and puppeteers can be found in every corner of the city at that time of the year.

Visiting a city for the first time is always something special but visiting during the winter season can it even more attractive. There is so much to be enjoyed from geothermal swimming pool while it’s snowing, tasting unique Japanese cuisine, admiring the beauties of the Adriatic Sea, enjoying the festive atmosphere in Amsterdam to Berlin’s Christmas markets galore making the winter holidays a unique and worth remembering experience.

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