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Radio Alice is a new pizzeria opened in Hoxton Square. The approach to serving pizza is unique. The results are delicious.

Pizzas are a bit different here. The base – made with tipo 1 flour and wild yeast left to ferment for 24 hours – is denser than most pies, with a more raised and puffier rim. It’s a crisper base too. There’s a nice crunch when you bite into it though the cheese is still melty/gooey and the bit of base that meets the sauce stays moist and soft.

Ordering a pizza here is a little different too. To quote the menu:

Our pizzas are created the way we believe they should be enjoyed, so please, no substitutions or changes. However, if you would like a little extra on the side we recommend …

What follows is a short list of usual suspects and savoury Italian treats like black olives, anchovies, speck, prosciutto, nduja and so forth.

A bit too precious about a pizza? Yeah maybe. But said pizza is yummy. And, to be honest, I kinda liked having my ‘extra toppings’ on the side. I went with a
a classic Margherita (fiordilatte, tomato sauce, and fresh basil, £7) with a side of speck (£3.50). I’d be glad to have that same pizza with a side of speck again but would probably sample another pie from the menu on a future visit, such the anchovies, red onion, lemon zest, tomato, and oregano pie (£8.50) or the n’duja, caciocavallo, and tomato pizza (£10).

Beyond the pizza, a selection of small plates provided appetizing options including fennel, orange and caciocavallo salad (£4.50); anchovies, bread, and butter (£3); especially yummy gorgonzola and radicchio tardive (£5); and more. The dessert menu features a short list of gelato and sorbets. The mandarin, tonka bean sorbet and the cucumber, lemon and mint sorbet are both refreshing and deeply flavourful palate cleansers (£3.80 each).

I had a glass of Rosso Eretici (dolcetto, barbera, £5.50), which paired nicely with my pizza during my meal and ended my visit with a digestive shot of Villa Zarri nocino (walnut liqueur, £4.50).

I really enjoyed my meal here and loved the brevity of the menu. I’m pretty sure I’ll head back soon to dine again soon.

Radio Alice is located at 16 Hoxton Square, N1 6NT. Find out more at

Square Meal

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  1. Hi Chris, I have heard about this place, haven’t tried yet – the pizzas look too fluffy for me though! not your classic Neapolitan 😉 then again i am a bit fussy

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