Still Loving My Lumix GX80


Waaay back at the end of August, the folks behind the launch of Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-GX80 got in touch to see if I wanted to get a chance to play around with (and keep) one of these handy mirrorless cameras. I said sure, and said I would be glad to blog (twice) about my experiences using the GX80 soon afterward.

I then hit the road for more than a month with subsequent jaunts all over the planet up until December – with said camera as my trusty go-to.

When I got my Lumix, I had agreed to publish two posts within two months of receipt: one, a product review post and two, a “photo essay post of photos captured using the Lumix GX80 and featured setting, referencing the camera.”

First post? Check! I got that one up on my blog fairly soon(ish) afterward:

But that second post? Oops! I’m just getting round to that one now. I’ve been too busy bumbling around having fun with the Lumix to rave about it anymore. What I said in my initial post holds these few more months later. I’m still using the camera almost exclusively by default. It was the only one (waside from my phone) that I took with me to the States for five weeks. As for a photo essay, well, that’s virtually every post on this blog since I got the camera.

But here are a few I especially like, from my November trip to the fish market in Apia, Samoa that I took with my Lumix-GX80 (I’ll start blogging about my adventures in Samoa soon in the new year).



Find out more about this awesome camera:

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