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Talofa! Thanks for joining me in remembering the amazing time I had in Samoa.

What I didn’t get around to describing in my previous post about my trip was the simple back-to-basics joy of being in Samoa. Everything slowed down to a soothing lull (except for my pulse, which quickened more than usual when jumping off a waterfall, coming upon a stunning vista or encountering a vibrant fish while snorkeling). It’s a laidback and easygoing place, but one where you can go on real adventures.

It’s also home to one of the South Pacific’s most beautiful – and varied – coastlines and landscapes. An ideal island getaway, if ever there was one, visitors here can pick and choose between kiddie pool lagoons of great breadth but little depth to epically scary and super craggy crashing wave sea cliffs – sometimes not even a mile away from each other. And then there are the waterfalls and swimming holes and cave pools and white sand beaches … and little droves of (very) free range pigs scurrying along the roadside at dawn … and the rosy glow of those winding roads at dawn … and …

I’d love to go back.

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Big thanks to John Lemoa at Samoa Tourism Authority for all the help in making my trip so dynamic, well organised and fun.


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