Infographic: What the Chinese Zodiac Says about How You Travel

Discover what type of traveller you are according to your sign

Gong xi fa cai! Homeaway has shared an insightful infographic with a breakdown of the Chinese Zodiac how your horoscope may affect the way you travel.

Whether you think horoscopes are just a bunch of hooey or you sincerely believe that being astrologically astute is an essential part of a balanced life, you’ve got to admit this infographic offers a fun look at how our personalities shape our travel plans.

HomeAway - Chinese Horoscope

Me? I’m a rat, which – according – to the infographic means …

An independent traveller, you don’t like planning. You seek adventure and are naturally curious, and you’re a big fan of “low cost” travel.

  • Independent?
    For sure.
  • Don’t like planning?
    Kinda. However, to say I like planning wouldn’t necessarily be a true statement. Moreover, to say I like to head off even to the corner shop without some sort of plan or rough itinerary would be the bigger lie.
  • Adventurous?
    Oh yeah. Though my edge seems to dull as I age.
  • Naturally curious?
    It’s been my downfall.
  • Fan of “low cost” travel?
    Not really. But I guess I am very price conscious of everything, and value for money is a big deal for me as well.

So, not exactly spot-on but pretty close!

How about you? Do your star sign and travel attitude match?

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Thanks to HomeAway for teaming up with me to share this fun infographic.

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