Gousto Recipe Boxes? Me Gusta!

Freekeh, Goat's Cheese & Apricot Salad - P1040068

Two of the tastier meals I had last week came compliments of flexible recipe box subscription service, Gousto, You known how these things work, right? You order online the meals you want and then have them delivered to you in a box with just enough of each raw ingredient – along with instructions – so you can cook the meals.

The folks at Gousto had been in touch with me to see if I would like to have a go at their recipes and – assuming I’d give them a thumbs up – if I would want to share a rather deeply discounted promo code with any readers who also might be keen to try Gousto. Keep reading for my thoughts (and for that promo code).

I’ve tried other recipe boxes in the past. I generally like the concept. I found my Gousto trial to be the best yet, especially with respect to the quality of the food.

For my trial, I enjoyed the two recipe boxes (for two people): freekeh, goat’s cheese and apricot salad, and harissa halloumi sandwiches with carrot slaw and oven-baked chips. Portion size was right portion size was right (for one course each). Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Flavour was full-on yummy.

I’d be happy to eat either of those two meals again (and often) and will probably copy the carrot slaw recipe from the halloumi sandwiches box as a reference the next time I make slaw. Of course, those were but two of a multitude of regularly updated recipes available.

Everything else about the service was good. Online interface was straightforward. Choosing a delivery time was a cinch (and the delivery arrived when it was supposed to). The box had some fairly generous vouchers in it for other related services as well (wine delivery, chocolate).

So yeah, thumbs up for Gousto.

Now,here’s that promo code for you to give Gousto’s recipe boxes a go with a significant discount off your first order:


The code gives you £22 off the price of a two-person/two-recipe box and £25 off the price of a four-person/two-recipe box.

At £27.49 per week for two-person/two-recipe box and £41.99 per week for a four-person/two-recipe box, that’s quite a substantial discount.

It’s easy to cancel or pause your subscription at any time too. So don’t feel like you’re committing to anything by trying Gousto out with this promo.

Find out more at gousto.co.uk.

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