Aegean Eats with a Hip Hop Beat at Firedog


Aegean eats with a hip hop beat are on the menu at Firedog, a Fitzrovia breakfast and lunch restaurant just off Oxford Street.

I swung by Firedog for a late breakfast earlier this week prompted by an invitation from the grill-centred restaurant to try the menu. Yum! I’m glad I did. 

I went with the Ozdemir Pasha II breakfast with grilled halloumi, slow roasted tomatoes, beetroot hummus, two fried eggs, za’atar, parsley and plenty of bread (£9.90) plus a side of sujuk (spicy and cumin-y beef sausage, £3.50). It was awesome, filling and satisfying – especially with the sujuk add-on. I’d be tempted to order it again, though equally interested in trying other dishes or going back for a look at the lunch menu.


Given the eastern Med shtick I’d hoped to have a ibrik coffee with my breakfast. Not on offer (oh well), I went with a V60 filter instead – and was, honestly, impressed with my mug.

I loved the look of Firedog: fairly formal with dark wood paneling with strikingly vibrant murals inspired by Marvel Comics Conan the Barbarian artwork mixed with street art graphics.

I also liked the mostly hip hop soundtrack that accompanied my meal. Clearly with the restaurant’s Spotify playlist taking pride of place on the Firedog website, music is an important aspect of its customer experience. Still, I should point out that (and maybe reveal how much of an old fart I’ve become) that the music was really loud. I’d recommend this place for fun times and solo dining but maybe not so much for meeting with anyone to talk business.

Service was friendly, quick and interested in my thoughts about my experience.

Firedog is located at 92 Newman Street, W1T 3EZ. Find out more at

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