Tio Pepe Challenge 2017

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The Tío Pepe Challenge is an international cocktail competition offering bartenders and mixologists around the world a chance to demonstrate their knowledge and creativity preparing a signature drink with sherry.

Big time sherry fan that I am (particularly when we’re talking a dry fino such as Tio Pepe), I was chuffed to sit in on the launch of this year’s competition during this year’s Gonzalez Byass UK Portfolio Tasting (Tio Pepe is part of the Gonzalez Byass portfolio). Here are some details for anyone keen to compete or folks simply interested in following the tasty goings-on with this delicious wine from Jerez.

To enter, you first must register and take a multiple-choice test about sherry and how it’s made. Assuming you pass the test, you’ll be given access to your own page of the Tio Pepe website to acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations for the competition and to submit your cocktail proposal with a photograph of your drink. You’ve got until 28 February to do this.

On 15 March, UK finalists will be announced followed by the UK Finals at Hush in Mayfair (Lancashire Court, 8 Brook Street, W1S 1EY) on the 4th of April.

Winners of national finals (more than 400 professionals are anticipated to enter) will join each other in Jerez for the International Grand Final taking place in May during the city’s famed Feria del Caballo.

Think you’ve got what it takes to compete?

Find more info and to sign up for the Tio Pepe Challenge, go to tiopepe.es/tio-pepe-challenge.

For more about the Gozalez Byass go to gonzalezbyassuk.com.

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