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You Want to Do What Where? Start with Venuefinder

The UK’s leading venue directory, Venuefinder is a free online database with more than 15,000 venues in the UK and beyond. Event organisers – and just about anyone else needing to book somewhere to something with a group of any size – would do wise to give this reliable resource a thorough look during the early stages of your event planning. Continue reading

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HELP! I’m Lost! 3 Tips to Help You Find Your Way When You’re Astray While Traveling (Going Places)

These days with our cell phones and mobile devices keeping us in almost constant contact with friends and family and continually updated about our whereabouts, not knowing where you are at any given moment is an increasingly rare occurrence. Still, getting lost can happen — even to the savviest of travelers. If it happens to you, here’s what to do. Continue reading

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